Coming Attractions

Tune in here for a storehouse of ideas, modifications, and upgrades for the next edition of Players 1st. On this page, we’ll include notes on things that have come our way that will definitely make it into the next edition of our soccer coaching book.

  • PAGE 46, “Spotlighting”: In Choose to Matter (p.176), Julie Foudy adds a wonderful wrinkle to this exercise, which she calls “Star Moment.” Here, once the first player is spotlighted, that player must add another star moment that she had herself done, then spotlight something another player did. The activity progresses from there, with each “star” spotlighting herself, then a teammate. Girls can find the first part very difficult to do. (Boys, though, usually do not have this problem.)

  • Page 49, Basic Game Rules: Take Back Goals.  In games, an unusual number of goals are scored – by both teams – in the “Big Five Moments” (p.50), particularly those following a goal scored.  Train this situation with “Take Back Goals.”  Here, if the opponent can “answer” with a goal in the next minute, the opponent takes the previous goal as well.  Intensity goes through the roof.  Hat tip: David Copeland-Smith, Beast Mode Soccer. (4/4/18)

  • Page 202, 4 Box Game.  One thing to consider when using this exercise: If the players are really good at keeping possession in the 3v1 situation (p. 195), this exercise won’t work.  Because the “1” can’t won’t be able to win the ball.  Fixing it: Add a challenge for the 3.  Requiring “pass and across” or the “5 Touch Rule” won’t level the playing field, but will give the defender a chance.