The Website

The primary purpose of this website is to be an ongoing resource for the readers of Players 1st. The “Let’s Get Better” section is designed to be a repository of ideas, activities and possible upgrades for the book’s next edition. So you won’t have to wait. It includes an annotated “Coaching Bookshelf” for those looking to dive deeper into many of the topics covered in the book. Those marked with 5 stars are the favorites.

“The Blog” will post occasional essays on the state of youth soccer. Comments will be invited.

The “Downloads and Videos” section contains just that. You’ll find sixteen essays and handouts that can be downloaded to share with players, parents and fellow coaches; all are formatted for printing on 1 or 2 sides of a page. The videos will be posted as completed; those most likely to be used first will be posted first.  Clinics and Contacts.